Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Waxwing Woe....

After missing the Waxwings at Hayle earlier in the month, thanks to poor communication again, the onset of more inclement weather brought with it the hope of catching up with more of these avian gems. I wasn't expecting one (or more?) flying over my house, which is why I was carrying a bag of rubbish (to the dustbin) and not my bins, when i heard the unmistakable ringing call!! A mad dash for the Lieca's and scan after scan of the mid afternoon sky proved fruitless. Gutted. Waxwing over the garden, heard only! A Peregrine half an hour later was scant consolation.

I know we 've been lucky with the snow down here but I drove up to Torquay (and back!) this morning and the snowscapes across Bodmin and Dartmoor were outstanding!