Thursday, 20 May 2010

Week on Scilly

Firstly, allow me to apologise for the quality of the following photos! I knocked my 500mm lens the day before i went to the Scillies for a week and the auto focus has packed up completly! So these are pretty much the best i could muster. We had a great week and the weather was very kind. Three Scilly ticks in the form of Wood Warbler, Woodchat Shrike and a fly over Red Kite. The latter was the one that got away as by the time i'd dashed into the room for my camera, it had gone. Bugger. I managed ten year ticks out of the 80+ species i saw during the week (better than last October!) I can definately recommend a week on the islands in Spring.

Porth Hellick Pool from Carn Friars. Lovely sunny morning after finding Red Kite!
Whimbrel at Deep Point
Linnets everywhere. This one was at Carn Friars
Gadwall on Porth Hellick Pool
Wood Warbler at St Warnas Cove, St Agnes
Basking Shark off St Agnes
Guillimot and Razorbill heads!
Puffin on the only rainy day of the week. Off Western Rocks, wet through on a boat!

Cracking adult female Woodchat Shrike. This bird was seen killing a Swallow!


  1. Nice images, looks like you had a good week!!
    The linnet shot is excellent. Damaged 500mm, excuse for a bigger lens!!

  2. Hi Mate glad you had a good week and sorry to hear about the lens, I know how you feel when I dropped my 400mm and broke the auto focus. Looks like a job on the house insurance. Still you got some pretty good shots considering, the Guillimot and Puffim images are beauts

  3. Hi,
    Just seen your site via others. I enjoyed viewing your images,liked the puffin in the rain ive still yet to see a puffin pity about the 500mm. Just added you to my blog and follow list. If you get a chance to view mine would be