Monday, 22 November 2010

287.....and counting!

What a great October and early November we've had in the county! Who would have predicted Green Heron AND American Bittern turning up, both superb birds, one slightly more obliging than the other! (don't belive the rumours about flushing the other either!) Well I was fortunate to connect with both birds, both of course were county ticks (neither were lifers), which got me thinking about my county list. On totting it up one evening I found Im quite near to the 300 mark, which isn't too bad for 7 years in the county. So I decided to make it next years goal to get to 300.

A trip to Devon with Ash and his Mum (Thanks for driving Kay!) to see the American Robin was a success with it being a lifer for Ash and my third for the UK. More importantly we called at Golia Falls on the way back for Treecreeper etc, found some nice Brambling amongst the Chaffinches and a timely stop at Ninebridges produced two very showy Willow Tits, county tick 286 for me. 14 to go.

American Robin, distant record shot!

I can't believe a goose could cause me so many problems. The Greenland Whitefront was reported sporadically then daily from the Hayle Estuary but could i find it!................
Anyway, today with a little help from Mr Barnard (Thanks Chris) I finally managed to see the bird as it swam with two Canadas in the main channel. Another county tick, 287. Hopefully 13 will not be unlucky for me!

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  1. 13 more!! Good Luck!
    Lets hope 2011 is rarity filled!!